It is much easier to work forwards than backwards. This goes for most businesses, including ours and the ones we help. We believe that optimizing a website for elevated search results in Google and other major search engines requires a proactive approach. We’ve nick-named that strategy “Starting Block SEO.” It is our forward thinking philosophy for good SEO, that is, good search engine optimization practices at the outset. We’ll explain it a here with three scenarios, because our specialized approach to search engine optimization is the foundation for our entire program of web services.

Scenario 1:  A client hires us to optimize a website that is already built, published on the Internet but which is not showing up in the major search engines. We are retained to do various search engine ranking work, analytics and continuing SEO, to boost the website’s Google rankings to page 1 and to maintain high rankings. We fulfill the client’s wishes, but the time taken to reach the SEO goal is relatively long compared to scenario 3.

Scenario 2: A company hires us to build, test and publish a new responsive website for domain name they have recently purchased; they also have us to do the search engine optimization (SEO) and SEO monitoring with Google analytics along with the site development. They hired us early enough so that we had time to learn all about their company’s marketing objectives and do the SEO whilst building their website and its content management system (CMS). We then train their own editing team to work the WordPress CMS.

Scenario 3: An organization hires us to assist them in choosing a new domain name suitable for their goals, and to build, test, optimize and publish a brand new fully responsive website. After we build and test the new site, we train their web content editors to use the CMS. They also keep us on for periodic SEO to stay in stride with Google algorithm updates and to do some SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for them.

The client in Scenario 3 moved ahead faster in their web marketing, with a better and more rapid return on investment.

The clients in Scenario 1 and 2 also reaped benefits, but their desired search engine position took longer to attain, which meant a lower return on investment for them.

This explains our philosophy of doing the less fun work first, taking pains to optimize content and design and code the website to be user friendly.  This planning and care assures that each website we publish is search engine friendly from its initial launch, so it can be found faster, sooner by the target audience.


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Our Responsive, mobile-first, forward thinking philosophy is founded on the principle that a gradual, upward growth is good for your enterprise and your mission.

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