Move forward with a Forward Web Solutions custom WordPress CMS website

Move forward with Forward Web Solutions custom WordPress CMS websites

Moving ahead in any endeavour requires consistent effort coupled with a plan — ideally a written plan including proactive use of  forward-focused strategies. In web marketing, a key SEO strategy for high-ranking, successful websites is frequent publishing of fresh content. This is why we promote the use of Web Content Management Systems ( CMS ), and prefer the WordPress CMS website platform as most suitable for the majority of our web development clients.  WordPress is unarguably the most accepted web Content Management System worldwide, and is ideal if you want to edit your site’s content or or post new content frequently. Keeping your website information updated frequently is very importantfor the benefit of your audience as well as your website’s Search Engine Optimization.

To revisit a much-used cliché , “content is king” on the Internet. This still continues to be the case. Major search engines, especially Google, will rank your website higher in search results when their robots detect the presence of new, original and relevant content on your site. Moreover, if you maintain the good habit of adding high quality fresh content frequently and editing existing content to keep your site’s information valid and useful, your website will keep moving forward. We recommend that you maintain an updated mix of text copy, pictures and videos, as well as music files if applicable. To do that easily requires an affordable and user-friendly system so you or your team can manage your website content to attract and engage your target audience. The search engines will notice such positive efforts.

You may be a good writer, photographer, musician or videographer, but do you have the power at your fingertips to edit or add your own content to your website yourself, whenever you wish? There’s nothing like the empowerment of being able to manage your content without undue delays and extra costs and other problems. It can be frustrating and expensive if you have to wait for your webmasters to be available for each and every edit, and then be billed for every change of content. Wouldn’t it be ideal and more affordable if you had control over your content editing timelines and costs?

Basically, there are two options for you or your company, for maintaining a forward-moving content editing strategy

1/ A willing, prompt and affordable Webmaster who doesn’t overcharge to make changes to your website content,

or …

2/ A simple-to-use CMS website … one with a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) through which you or your team can add text, upload and place pictures, video or audio.

A CMS is simple, visual application that is built into the website. It allows for adding new text and new media content whenever you wish to do so, with no coding practice. Some CMS setups are designed to manage and expand only a blog, while others are set up for overall website updating. The best platforms, such as WordPress (our favorite), allow for either option. These editor-focused website design systems are becoming increasingly desirable for website management, because of the way search engines rank websites:

As we mentioned briefly above, any new content you post on your websites is quickly discovered as soon as the Google and Bing robots pass through your web servers; and those “bots” visit on a regular basis. Therefore, the more often you post new and interesting information, especially if it’s media (photos, videos or audio, content) paired with relevant text, the more quickly your website’s indexing will be elevated search engine rankings. Moreover, to retain these top page rankings, you will want to post regular updates of your CMS website with relevant, interesting, original  content. This greatly increases the chances of your site remaining on the first or second page of web searches where it can be easily found.

There are other key strategies for moving your web marketing forward, and we discuss all of them in this website. However, being able to add new content to your website frequently and easily is one of the most important keys for continued success in search page rankings. That’s why we love Content Management System websites, especially WordPress sites, custom designed to fit your marketing vision.

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